Our latest campaign shoot (what we call the big shoot we do when a new range is released) was an absolute dream. As a small little label from Sydney, getting the opportunity to travel to the US to work with some of our all time favourite creatives was overwhelming to say the least!

Planning a shoot in a different country was a little more challenging than I had first thought. Just little things like picking a shoot location and figuring out how to get there and how long it would take. Getting around LA is a challenge at the best of times. Traffic can be a real pest. Making sure everything was accessible to the whole team. Organising food for everyone on the day. Different currencies!? I would constantly quote things in Aussie dollars then to realise that meant something completely different in US dollars.

In saying all of that, the day couldn’t have run any smoother. Vanessa and Wilson picked me up after having a goodbye brekkie with a couple of mates. It was a perfect sunny day and the suburban pool location we had booked was set up exactly as we had hoped! It was a really relaxed day compared to most of our other campaign shoots as having a private location as opposed to a public beach or pool allowed us to spread out and not get in anyone’s way. It felt like a day just chilling with your friends, eating, swimming and soaking up the sun. Which was exactly the vibe we wanted to show through in the images.

To check out more of Dana’s work check out the link – http://danatrippe.com

For Wissa (allow a good hour as your going to get stuck watching video after video) have a look here – https://vimeo.com/wiissa

I’ve got some behind the scenes shots to show you below!

Katherine xx

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The next and final stop on my trip to the US was LA.

Took a day to defrost from chilly NY and the 30 degree days were most welcome!

I had 4 days to prep for out big Northern Summer shoot, to catch up with mates, vintage shop and explore the city. Spent plenty of time in cafe’s catching up on work and sorting all the final details for the shoot.

Just like I did for NY i’ll put a little list of my recommendations for places to hit up in LA:

-Echo Park/Silver Lake – don’t think it’s much of a secret these days but I guess you could say these areas are the Surry Hills/Newtown/Redferns of LA. Cafe/bar/vintage haven.

-Dinette Cafe – an epic little cafe in Echo Park. Bloody good coffee, which can be a little hard to find in the US. Do yourself a favour and get the scrambled eggs and ham on toast.

-LACMA – really groovy contemporary gallery. Not as big as say MOMA in NY but a good amount that you can really appreciate what you see. As an Aussie, seeing those really famous works that you first saw in your Visual Arts text book is a real treat. I did a textiles work based on a Degas painting in high school and it was quite emotional to see it in the flesh. Also, there is a cafe that specialises in water from different countries. Only in LA huh?

-Lemon Frog Shop – now I did ALOT of vintage shopping on my trip and I’d have to say this one was up there. They have the store set up so that the cheapest items are at the front and it gets more expensive as you work your way through. They had the best selection of vintage sunglasses and I am always on the hunt for those to use in shoots.

-American Apparel Factory – American Apparel flea market happens the same weekend I’m there. It was a coincidence I swear! Seeing as about 80% of my wardrobe comes from AA I was pretty overwhelmed at the flea market. It was a super hot day and they had all these buckets set up in the courtyard to sort through. I spent about an hr scrambling through it all to then head into the building to pay, only then to find that there was a whole floor inside that had way better stuff! I was almost about to pass out from the heat so thought I’d head to the cash register to pay only to discover the 2hr line to pay! Holy mack! I had to bail as I knew I couldn’t stand that long with nothing but coffee in my stomach. The fresh fruit cart out the front may have saved my life. It came across to be as a bit of a dodgy area though so if you do ever head there please take a friend!

-Uber – what would I have done without my bros at Uber! LA is pretty bloody difficult to get around when you don’t have a car so Uber became my best friend. Allowed me to get a lot more done in the four days than I would have otherwise. A half hour trip to the LACMA gallery was $13!

Some of my 35mm travel pics below!

Katherine xxx

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Two months later and I’ve finally gotten around to blogging about the little Camp Cove Swim business trip I took to NY and LA.

I was buying film from my local camera store to take with me on the trip and the friendly bloke that always serves me asked where I was off to. When I said NY he came out with this little gem that really stuck with me – ‘Ah New york, even the garbage is beautiful in New York.’

I spent four days in there doing a mixture of touristy stuff, vintage shopping for shoot props and a couple of business meetings. It snowed the day I flew in which was pretty magical to see. Walking around in it and almost slipping over ever 5 seconds was not very magical.

I’ve put a little list together below of places I’d recommend. I’m sure there’s a lot more out there beyond what I’ve put below but these are the gems that I uncovered over the four days:

-Brooklyn Flea Market – probably the best market I’ve ever been to. Such a good mixture of cheap vintage, more expensive rare vintage, young designers and relish food and coffee. Worth the trip over the bridge. There was even a family business that specialised in Vintage Sunglasses and could even pop your prescription lens into a vintage frame for you.

-Beacon’s closet – Holy moley what a vintage gem! Such good prices and a lot of epic finds. I purchased about 6 vintage dresses all about $15 and tops and scarves for super cheap that got used in our shoot in LA with Wiissa and Dana Trippe. They have a few locations and it’s worth hitting up as many as you can.

-Ruby’s Cafe – in Nolita in Lower Manhatten near Little Italy. Run by Aussies so good coffee and they do an epic big brekkie. Was craving a good bacon and egg brekkie with major jet lag setting in and I was struggling to find a cafe in the area near my hotel that did one. If you’re feeling home sick or lacking some vitamin B you can get vegemite on toast as well.

-Bowery House hotel – perfect hotel for someone travelling solo on a budget but don’t want to go down the hostel route. You get your own room, but shared bathrooms (super clean and almost empty every time i went in) and a super roomy common area with tellies and FREE WIFI. The staff were super friendly with one lovely lady writing me up a list of spots to hit up when I headed to LA

-Nolita – had never heard of this area before but the hotel I stayed in was in the middle of it all. I pretty much didn’t leave this area it was so rad. Stacks of things in walking distance – vintage stores, boutiques like Saturday Surf/Reformation/Acne, Cafe’s and Broadway with all the big chain stores.

Here’s a bunch of shots from my Olympus Trip and Fujifilm polaroid!

Katherine xxx

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Ladies of the L90

Sorry about the lack of posts! We’ve been super busy here at CCS with an trip overseas, family trip and a new collection on the way.

Just wanted to show you more pics from our shoot with Teresa Oman and Renee Carey.

I have been girl-fanning over Teresa for a while now after discovering her on Tumblr and then instagram. Here’s a fun fact for you, in 2013 Teresa was listed in the top ten models being reblogged on tumblr. Crazy! But can completely understand why. There is something so natural and fascinating about Teresa. Such a sweet and down to earth lady in person.

Renee Carey was our legendary photographer for this shoot. She was another talent I had been following on the gram so was stoked when we finally arranged to work together. I’ve shot with Renee’s sister-in-law Shenay before too (what a clever bunch!). Renee was such a dream to shoot with – she had a strong vision and was happy to take the reins on the styling and organisational side of things. We had a super talented hair and makeup artist on the day as well – Jessica Diez.

The shoot was done at a luxe house up in the hills of Palm Beach. Teresa and I accidentally caught the same bus all the way to the shoot to then figure it out when we were getting off at the same stop. I always forget that I know what the model looks like (for obvious reasons) but they have nooooo idea what I look like. Like when you go to a party and say ‘hi’ to someone you’ve met only a couple of times (or maybe someone you’ve insty stalked and you’ve actually never met before) but they have completely forgotten who you are. Awkies indeed.

Check out the magic we created below.

Stayed tuned for USA trip pics!
















I’m going to take it back a month or so and get up some new pics from our shoot with Mateja Buila and Bella Kerstens (http://www.isabellakerstens.com). We had first done a shoot with Bella mid 2014 and absolutely loved what she came up with. It’s quite interesting seeing each different photographers perspective on our designs. What struck me about Bella’s shots when she emailed them through was how beautifully she captured different aspects of the swimsuits, focusing on the garment, rather than the model. For a label that is online, being able to communicate the little details (things like fit, finishings and the cut of the swimsuit and how that looks on the body) to our customers is absolutely priceless. I have known the beautiful Mateja for a while now as well too and was so stoked that the stars had finally aligned and we had the opportunity to shoot with her. So laid back and a treat to work with.

Mateja and I got up bright and early for the big journey over the bridge (it’s a bloody long way from Redfern to Avalon ya know!) and after a few u-turns finally found this little hidden block of greenhouses out the back of Avalon.

About 20 minutes into the shoot Bella says ‘I can’t believe we haven’t seen a snake yet’. GET ME OUT OF HEEEERRREEE. It was ok. We didn’t see any snakes, many polaroids were taken, the sprinklers came on and nobody got bitten by a spider. Big thanks to Bella’s uncle for letting us stomp around his greenhouse for the morning!

So stoked with this shoot. Check it all out for yo-self!



It’s a pleasure to meet you

After a year and a half of making cossies we’ve finally decided to enter the blogosphere to tell you all a little more about what goes on behind the scenes at Camp Cove Swim.

My name is Katherine Hampton and I am the owner/designer of Camp Cove Swim . I am so stoked to share a little more of who we are and what it takes to bring you each collection.

I am 25, originally from Newcastle but now live and work in Redfern, Sydney. I have studied Fashion Design at both Newcastle and Ultimo Tafe and have always had some weird attraction to swimwear in one way or another.

Camp Cove Swim is a pretty small operation but we have big aspirations for the image we portray and the quality of our work. We will go into a little more detail about our team and operations a little further down the track.

If you have any questions about us or suggestions for a blog post shoot us a cheeky little email on hello@campcoveswim.com